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CHARMING NEW ENGLAND IPA GALAXY / CITRA is A brand new New England IPA brewed with base malt and fluffy flaked oats, dry hopped massively with the winner combo Galaxy and Citra. As always in our hazy beers, fermented with our Secret Sauce protocol to get a higher biotransformation and squeeze the juiciness of the hops even more. Citrus notes, candied orange, dank pine notes and watermelon bubblegum



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Charmed NEIPA from Browar Stu Mostów is a New England IPA from Poland. It has a moderate ABV (6.4%) paired with a low bitterness (20 IBUs).

NEIPA or New England India Pale Ale is one of the more recent styles in the craft beer world. Its characterized by its hazy, turbid, even opaque appearance. Hop flavour is very high, and aromas are fruity and tropical. It has a smooth and juicy character. Compared to an American IPA, a NEIPA is more fruity, less bitter and much hazier.

About Stu Mostów: The origins of Browar Stu Mostów are unusual, just like the beer to be brewed in it. The idea to start up a brewery was born in their minds and hearts in 2012 and has been slowly maturing ever since, like an old craft ale. Wrocław will keep alive a long-established brewing tradition of the Lower Silesia region. They are focusing on traditional brewing methods, developing beer drinking culture.


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