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A New Life

Give your vintage articles a new life. Have cool books, music or clothing that you think someone else will love? Sell it Coola Boola Colab!


Collaborate with us and sell the things you no longer use!

We want to promote sustainability and the circular economy, making use of our motto, collaboration. Sell us your second hand items that you no longer use without leaving home.

Nice and Easy


Choose your items and take pictures from front and back, describing any defect or fault and send it to us through the form on this page. We will analyze it to make sure it fits all criteria and send you a proposal by email!

Be sure that your music instruments, records, books or clothing are in a good condition and can be enjoyed by others.

This way we are helping you make a little extra money with things that you no longer use and giving them a new life!
If you prefer, visit us at Praça do Comércio in Coimbra at Coola Boola Colab!


Truly Vintage

Shall we Cooperate?

  1. Show us what you would like to sell with front and back pictures of your things and their tag. The more information we get, the better!
  2. After an evaluation, you will get our proposal. After we get a deal, you can come and deliver your things, or send them by mail, so we can show them in store.
  3. And there we go! Your articles stay in our store and you will get your money as soons as they get sold.

2º Hand

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